Adrenal Fatigue Series: Part 3

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Understanding Adrenaline’s Role in Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenaline causes your immediate “alarm” response: increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, rapid breathing and diversion of your blood circulation from the digestive tract to the limbs—so you can be prepared to “fight or flee” or “freeze”.

cortisol is produced right behind adrenaline. It is the “vigilance” hormone activating the body’s immune system and raising the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Glucose provides the energy needed by the muscles to run or fight.

Cortisol drives hunger for more sugar (carbohydrate cravings) and will store consumed sugar as fat if it is not immediately utilized for energy by the muscles i.e. if you’re not fleeing or fighting. No wonder we gain weight when stressed!

The production of adrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal gland is intricately tied to insulin production from the pancreas.

Move that stressful energy so it doesn’t get stuck and stored as fat. Recovery means taking good care of yourself in the ways mentioned below. In addition to consuming high quality foods and utilizing targeted nutrient support, you will also need to make lifestyle and mindset changes, including daily meditation or prayer along with exercise and adequate sleep.

Working with an Integrative and Functional Medicine Practitioner to determine your lifestyle changes, dietary and supplemental needs is the best way to ensure you recover from or prevent adrenal fatigue. To schedule a consultation in person or virtually with me, please visit or call (817) 550-6332.

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Catherine Olusolape Oseni, Pharm.D., ABAAHP, FAAMFM, FICT
Director of Integrative and Functional Medicine

As a board certified and fellowship trained Integrative and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Catherine addresses patients with a holistic point of view, treating not just symptoms, but the person as a whole.

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